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Kildare Market

Collection on Thursday (16:00 to 20:00)
Boyle's , Market Square, Kildare

Our online market is currently closed. Our next online market will open shortly.
Judith boyle
Market Host
Judith boyle

We are currently taking a break from the market for the summer we are planning to be back open in September. Please sign up for emails and then you will be notified when we re-open. Thank you for your interest


Welcome to the Kildare NeighbourFood market hosted by Judith and Susan Boyle here in Boyle's Pub and off-licence in Market Square, Kildare Town. If you are interested please sign up to the mailing list and this will let you know when our markets go live.

So what the neighbourfood Kildare market all about:

Every week you'll find great products direct from local farms and food producers. Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, breads and more, you can find it all in our market. It is a quick and easy way to shop online and support local businesses.

We have gathered our local producers and created a delicious selection of food and beverages. It is free to join so click the Join button above to be added to our mailing list and be informed of our weekly online market.

So what is NeighbourFood?

It’s like an farmers market online and with benefits. There are a number of markets set up all over Ireland and we are hosting the Kildare Town Market. The idea is producer focused therefore 80% of whatever you spend goes directly the producer (in a supermarket they usually get between 5-20% of the price you pay goes to the producer). We then host a collection point at our Off-licence, Boyle's in the center of Kildare Town every Thursday. The produce is delivered fresh that day from the producers themselves.

So who is it good for:

▪ YOU - Neighbourfood Kildare gives you access to the finest restaurant quality and freshest vegetables, dairy, baked goods (including Gluten-free), freshly prepared ready meals, fruit and other products from YOUR locality, while saving you loads of time! Neighbourfood also operates on a contact-free basis, which is especially important in the current pandemic conditions payment is online and you just pick it up on Thursdays between 4-8pm.

▪ PRODUCERS get paid a fair price for their goods. They don’t have to stand around for hours waiting for customers to arrive and since everything is ordered in advance there is no food waste.

▪ The ENVIRONMENT - because our producers are local and use minimal packaging, goods provided have a very low carbon footprint.

▪ The LOCAL ECONOMY- Supporting small independent businesses is really important for every according to Conor Pope thanks to the local multiplier effect means that every €100 spent in the local economy is actually worth €500.

Sounds great, how does it work?

Our market goes live on Fridays (when you sign up you will receive an email to tell you when the market is open). We will list our suppliers’ offerings for the collection and highlight anything that is new or is just delicious in our weekly selection.

You browse the list, make your selections, and pay online, up to 11:30pm on Tuesday evening.

Our producers will then be able to get your orders baked, picked and butchered in time for collection.

On collection day the producers deliver the goods freshly to us, we place your order in a box with your name on it ready for collection.

You can collect your order between the hours of 4-8pm on Thursday all you need is your number or name and we will hand you your box of lovely produce
If you do not want to come into the off-licence just pull up outside and give us a ring (045521214) and we can pop out with your order and put it in your car.

For more about our producers check out our social media on instagram @neighbourfoodkildare or Twitter @boyleskildare to find some lovey pictures, information and to keep in touch.

Thanks for your support
Susan and Judith

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