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Becoming a host

Becoming A Host

Have A Passion For Food And Your Local Community

We're looking for people who are really passionate about their local food and community. Becoming a host requires energy, enthuasism, organisational skills and a self starter approach. If you have these traits, being a host on NeighbourFood might be right up your street!

Find A Great Venue

Each week your NeighbourFood collection will take place at a local venue. The selection of this venue is very important to the success of your market. Venues should be easily accessible, welcoming and have good parking facilities. Venues can come in all shapes and sizes including caf├ęs, restaurants, schools, churches, sports halls, town halls etc.

Build Your Community

Before starting your weekly collections, you'll need to build your local community. Get the word our there about what your NeighbourFood market does and its benefits, and gradually customers and producers with an interest in local food and community will gravitate towards your market.

Run Your Weekly Collections

When your community is built, you can then start running weekly collections. Get your producers to participate in each collection and provide a great buying experience. Customers will order online and on the day of collection, will come to the venue to collect their order as well as interact with producers and their fellow NeighbourFoodies! We encourage all of our hosts to run events like taster evenings, workshops, farm visits help build the relationship between yourself, producers and all the NeighbourFoodies.

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