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Why Join?

Why Join?

Fairer Compensation

You set the final price of your products, getting fairer compensation for all your hard work.

Sell Direct

Sell your produce directly to the local community, creating a more sociable way to sell.

Customer Feedback

Direct access to your customers; find out exactly what they like and don't like.

Reduce Waste

As you know exactly what to bring to the collection, waste is greatly reduced.

Help Build Community Spirit

Help build community spirit around food.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Sign Up

Sign up to NeighbourFood. We need to verify you as a producer before your account setup can be completed.

Get Verified

Once you're verified, add details of the produce you have available. Join the NeighbourFood markets you'd like to supply.

Join Markets

Join the NeighbourFood markets you'd like to supply.

Start Selling

When new collections open, join to start selling to that market.

Prepare Orders

When the online market portion of the collection is closed, prepare your orders.

Hand Over

Go to the collection point to hand over orders and meet your customers.

What Does It Cost?

What Does It Cost?

The Producer Receives 80% (Ex. VAT)

Producers on Neighbourfood take home 80% (ex. VAT) of all sales, compared to an average of 10% to 15% with a supermarket. Read more about how VAT works on commissions.

The Host Receives 10%

The market host receives 10% for all their hard work getting a market up and running as well as the ongoing maintanance and support of each weekly collection. NOTE: The host commission of 10% is exclusive of VAT.

NeighbourFood Receives 10%

We receive 10% for the ongoing maintainance and development of the website, support for members and hosts as well as development of the NeighbourFood network. The cost of any promotions that are run on the NeighbourFood website will be bourne by NeighbourFood and the host; you the producer will always receive 80% (ex. VAT). NOTE: The NeighbourFood commission of 10% is exclusive of VAT.

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