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Regan Organic Farm

Regan Organic Farm

Dranagh Lane, Caim, Enniscorthy

Mary Regan owns and runs Regan Organic Farm with the help of her sisters Helen and Ger and husband David.

The idea for the farm came to Mary when she was working in a feed mill in Wicklow which had just started to produce organic feeds, prompting Mary to look at what exactly was in the feed given to animals produced in “regular” farms. Her research inspired her to go into farming organic meat in harmony with nature.

Starting out with a couple of second hand poultry houses on her 32 acre farm, Mary has built up a very successful poultry business that has diversified into ducks and pork as well as tourism and training. The farm is certified organic and their own poultry abattoir was added in 2015, with the intention of reducing stress on the poultry by taking away the need for travel for processing. Pigs are sent to a local abattoir, Christy Byrne’s in Camolin.

The organic chickens ducks and pigs reared on the Regan farm can root and peck away at wild herbs and grubs to their hearts’ content, bathe in the dust or roll around in the mud. The chickens don’t have their beaks trimmed, the pigs don’t have their tails docked or their teeth clipped.

The Regans began selling in the local farmers market and now supply lots of good organic and specialist food shops in the region as well as selling online.


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