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The Village Dairy

The Village Dairy

Killeshin Road, Clonmore, R93 V2P2

The Village Dairy, where milk matters, is a small local family run dairy based in Killeshin just on the Carlow – Laois border. Founded in late 2014, the Village Dairy produces a variety of craft milk and cream products, including; Fresh Milk and Cream, Buttermilk, Organic Milk and Cream and Jersey Milk and Cream. We’re proud and honoured to say The Village Dairy is a Multi Award-Winning Dairy, we pride ourselves in supplying a high-quality product to our customers both locally and nationally, getting the milk from the farm to the customer in just 24 hours. The milk is pasteurised and homogenised but tampered with it as little as possible to maintain its great natural flavour. Our priority is supplying customers with fresh great tasting quality products with traceability. We have a strong emphasis on supporting local business and trade with most milk collected from farms who are within a 10km radius from the Village Dairy’s premises in Clonmore. All our Fresh Milk is sourced from the farming community in Killeshin from farmers who are second and third generation. Our Organic Milk is sourced from two organic run family farms who we work with closely and our Jersey Milk comes from a little further down the road from farmers who have a passion for farming and the milk they produce. Every person along the way to and including the customer plays an integral part of our team.


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