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Clifden Market

Collection on Thursday (15:00 to 17:00)
12 Pins Coffee, Lower Main St, Clifden, Co. Galway

Our online market is currently closed. Our next online market will open shortly.
Alice Mary Coyle
Market Host
Alice Coyle
Welcome to NeighbourFood Clifden!

Neighbourfood is a network of online farmers markets where each local market offers produce specific to their area. In the Clifden market I have brought together the very best growers, brewers, bakers and creators of local produce for you to buy from every week.

Here’s how it works:

1. You sign up at It’s free and it’s easy. We don’t hound you with promo.’s and spam but you do get the weekly NFC newsletter

2. Each week a new online ‘collection’ is launched. Usually on a Friday, sometimes Saturday. You'll find great products direct from local farms and food producers, local traders and specialist suppliers. From locally-grown & freshly-harvested vegetables and fruit, to bread, meat, eggs, dairy, preserves and chutneys. Plus plenty of seasonal additions to keep things interesting

3. You will receive an email alerting you when the collection goes live

4. The online market stays open until midnight every Tuesday, giving you plenty of time to prepare your weekly food shop. You browse, you shop, you pay and your order is completed

5. When the market closes, the orders are sent to the producers to give them time to get your orders ready. They pick, bake, catch, prep and package the produce ready for delivery

6. Collection day is Thursday from 3pm-5pm. Producers drop off all their orders to me beforehand, and I sort them in to numbered food crates, ready for collection. You come to the collection point, with your own bags, and pick up your orders!

The weekly market collection point is hosted every Thursday afternoon at Re-Wear in the Station House Courtyard in Clifden.
We are just in-between Steam Cafe and Ohh! By Gum.

For more info and to be able to buy this wonderful local produce, just click "Join our Market" above.
I look forward to welcoming you every Thursday between 3pm and 5pm.

More about NeighbourFood Clifden:

I really loved the ethos behind NeighbourFood and felt there was a space in Connemara for connecting the really small producers to the growing number of conscious consumers who want to buy local. So in September2021 I hosted my first NeighbourFood Clifden collection.

NeighbourFood is a great way to bring super-fresh products from local producers to the community every week, shortening the supply chain and giving a platform to local farmers and artisan producers in the area. It's also a convenient way to access hyper- local produce unavailable elsewhere, unless you know someone!

But as important, NeighbourFood is a place for connecting with your community. Meeting the maker of your food leads to a better understanding of the work that goes in to growing good food and therefore reduces waste. I believe that food grown on a smaller scale, more locally, with less damaging methods and inputs is not only better for you, but for your community and the planet.

NeighbourFood Clifden is a community-focussed initiative and non-profit operation where local producers are cherished, highlighted and supported. The business model is transparent and fair, with 80% of the retail price going to the producer, 10% to me, 7.5% to NeighbourFood HQ and 2.5% to the payments providors.

Your support matters so go join up and be part of the change.

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