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OpenHive Honey

OpenHive Honey

87 lower georges street, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin, A96 E894

OpenHive is a beekeeping company and community dreamt up by Kyle Petrie and Mark Earley, two beekeepers based in Dublin, Ireland. The simple focus of OpenHive is to harness a combined passion for beekeeping with a need for environmental sustainability. Launched in November 2019 OpenHive rears and breeds Irish black honeybees. To support this process OpenHive sells locally-produced Irish honey from apiaries in Dublin, Wicklow and Kerry.

OpenHive keeps bees naturally, with as few interventions as possible. OpenHive is committed to maintaining local biodiversity and decreasing impact on the environment, specifically aiming to help the Irish honeybee re-establish herself as a central part of the Irish ecosystem. As part of our eco-friendly approach the jars that hold the honey are screen-printed to eliminate the need for single-use plastic labelling and can be returned for future reuse.


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