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Higginson Veg Plot

Higginson Veg Plot

Aughrus More, Cleggan, Co Galway

Higginson Veg Plot (aka The Wee Point, named after my grandmother's veg plot on the family farm in Co Tyrone in the early 1900s) is located at our home north of Clifden.

We grow with love for the planet, to help reduce food miles, including our own, for our local community and because the taste of home grown food is generally superior to shop bought produce.

While not 'officially' organic, we grow from organic seeds sourced from Brown Envelope Organic Seeds and Fruithill Farm in Co Cork.

We don't use any artificial chemical fertilisers; Mr H spends much of the winter diligently gathering and chopping up fresh, washed-up seaweed to spread on our raised beds to feed the soil for the coming growing season; seaweed is rocket fuel for plants!

The plot is located 200m from the shore so it is a constant battle with the elements to protect our produce; it is always a joy and an amazing thing to grow produce from seed.

Big thanks to Alice Coyle and the Neighbourhood Food movement for creating an opportunity for small (tiny!) growers like ourselves to share our produce; we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.


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