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Mullingar Market

Our online market is currently closed. Our next online market will open shortly.
Mairead Guinan
Market Host
Mairead Guinan
Welcome to NeighbourFood Mullingar!

Thanks to Anna Browne from @bigskyflowers for leading the way in the Midlands with establishing the first online market where you can conveniently plan and pay for your shop online and collect in one stop or use the delivery service.

My name is Mairead Guinan and I run the Tullamore Neighbourfood now offering collection points &/ delivery options
- Thurs 4-6.15 in Methodist Church Hall, Tullamore R35 HD99 handy if you work over here
- Thurs 7-7.30 in Blackhall place car park, Mullingar, N91 V2NT
- Fri 9.30 - 10.30 in The Refill Mill, Austin Friars St, Mullingar
- Fri 11.30 -12.00 in Texaco car park, Edenderry

What is NeighbourFood?

It’s like a market with benefits - it’s good for:

YOU - by giving you access to the finest & freshest Meat, Dairy, Baked Goods (including Gluten-free products), Fruit, Vegetables and other products from YOUR locality, while saving you loads of time! Collection points are well ventilated, spacious or outdoors so crowds aren't an issue.
PRODUCERS get paid a fair price for their goods. They also don’t have to stand around for hours waiting for customers.
▪ The ENVIRONMENT - because our producers are local and use minimal packaging, goods provided have a very low carbon footprint.
▪ The LOCAL ECONOMY . Did you know that every €5 spent locally is worth €25 as it circulates through suppliers, customers, hospitality, local shops, etc. €20 is worth €100. Where you spend your € matters

Sounds great, how do we get hold of the goodies?

Every Thursday, on, we will list our suppliers’ offerings for the following week’s collection. You’ll get an email when the list has been launched, including seasonal goods.

You browse the list, make your selections, and pay online, up to midnight on Tuesday.
Our producers will then have plenty of time to get your order ready. On collection day the producers deliver the goods, placing your order in a box with your name on it. You come along during collection hours- with your own bags please! - find your box, load up, and head home to enjoy your purchases. You can be in and out in 2 minutes or check out whats on offer or coming up with me.

If there are products you'd like to see please email Looking forward to hearing from you.
All the best

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@neighbourfoodTullamore1 on FB

*We also have a 10% off code for you and a friend the first time they shop with us*

Our 3 Collection Points

(Left in for technical reasons - collection will be in Forest Park) The Band Hall,
Don't choose this colleciton point! ,
Mullingar Business Park,
Co Westmeath,
N91 YY96
Skellys Bar,
Main Street ,
N39 C8P8
Mullingar Charity Variety Group,
Forest Park,
Mullingar Business Park,
Mullingar ,
N91 E1WD
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