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Ballina, Geashill, Co. Offaly, R35RF10

Mighty Good Crop focusses on finding growers and bringing their excellent fresh produce to customers looking for low intervention, minimal artificial chemical vegetables, fruits and plants. As we only supply Irish grown we have a limited selection in April, May & June reflecting the end of one growing season & welcoming new produce in mid June.

Vegetables are supplied from Feigherys Farm in Kilcormac - home of the beetroot in the award winning Feigherys Farm beetroot juice also available on Neighbourfood. This family farm is focussed on working in collaboration with nature - improving soil health, harvesting fresh produce to order to minimise waste and maximise sustainability. They have been nominated as ambasadors for Farming For Nature.

Size may vary as these products are natural and not funnelled through a standardising process. They provide maximum taste and flavour in plastic free or zero packaging so bring your shopping bags to collect.

Apples are from a small farm on the Portarlington side of Tullamore. Again they grow free from chemical interventions or preservatives and have various colours and marks on their skins.


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