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Megginch Castle Market

Collection on Thursday (16:00 to 18:00)
Megginch Castle, Errol

Our online market is currently closed. Our next online market will open shortly.
Catherine Drummond-Herdman
Market Host
Catherine Drummond-Herdman
Welcome to the Megginch Castle NeighbourFood Market in the heart of the Carse of Gowrie - the beautiful lowlands peppered by orchards, soft fruit farms, arable and rich pasture land, stretching between Perth and Dundee, bordered by the Silvery Tay to the South and sheltered by the Braes of the Carse to the North.

Having just returned from visiting the first NeighbourFood Market, which was set up in Cork in 2018, I realised that the Irish have not lost their daily and weekly market mentality for buying fresh, local and seasonal food.

We seem to have totally lost our connection with what we eat and how it is grown or made, what time of year it is in season and importantly how much time and love from local farmers goes into producing our food.

NeighbourFood crucially provides the means to recreate the link between us and local farmers, crofters, growers, bakers, makers and creators. Products from further afield, like chickpeas and olive oils(all grown and produced with the same NeighbourFood ethos) are also available on the NF market to give you as wide a range of goods as you would find at a traditional market - making this a truly fun and practical weekly market!

You can join up for free and buy as much, or as little, as you like online from Friday through to Tuesday evening.

Come and collect it from here at Megginch Castle on Thursday afternoon between 4pm and 6pm from the Carriage House set within the cobbled 18th century courtyard.

The one reason I would say try it? It reconnects you directly with what you eat, you have total traceability with minimal food miles and packaging and maximum nutrient density. (I know that sounds like more than one reason but it isn't really!)

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