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Skea Organics

Skea Organics

East Mains Farm, Auchterhouse, DUNDEE, DD3 0QN

Skea Organics is run by Andrew Skea and is based at the family farm at Auchterhouse which is run by Andrew's brother John. Our main business and passion is organically grown potatoes, as well as a range of organic vegetables. We produce around 30 varieties of potatoes for organic seed and these are sold throughout the UK.

A good number of varieties are also available for consumption and supply box schemes and restaurants around the country. Our range is generally selected for organic or low input growing but includes a selection of heritage and speciality varieties including red and blue flesh.

We also produce some heritage and speciality potatoes non-organically and these are sold under the PotatoHouse banner.

Our organic certificate is available at


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