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22 Lundies Walk, Auchterarder, PH31BG

A homemade producer of authentic Lebanese Cuisine, suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian consumers. The business was started as a hobby/part-time business in late 2015, by Florence Gebara, a Lebanese National living in Scotland, following a social coffee meeting with a Deli owner in Auchterarder. The owner wanted to bring an authentic locally homemade, and healthy food to sell in their deli, and on sampling a selection of dishes prepared by Simplyflo, had placed its first biweekly order for 4 dishes. In 2018, the Deli sadly announced it was closing down, so SimplyFlo, wanted to diversify and expand the business, and entered its first participation in a farmers market in Perth. All the food is produced at home and mostly sourced from local producers. For the farmers markets, simply flo sells some or all of the following dishes from Hommous (ingredient: chickpeas), Baba Ghanouj (Aubergine), Tabouleh (parsley, onion, tomatoes), Moussaka (aubergine, chickpeas, tomatoes), Bameyeh (okra), Mujadarah (rice, lentils), Batata Harrah (potatoes), Loubieh (broadbeans), Spinach Pies, Zaatar pies, Falafel, to Desserts: mammoul (date cakes), namourah (almond cake), halawa, Fig jam and walnuts). In addition, Simply flo recently introduced its pantry selection of the key ingredients used in many of its dishes - sumaq, zaatar, pomegranate molasses, tahini, and others.


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