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MGC / #Garlic Organic & Local
#Garlic Organic & Local

MGC - #Garlic Organic & Local

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Local garlic, organically grown on a family farm, freshly picked to order plastic free. Minimal supply chain and no surprises - just delicious garlic with all its health benefits and the green stems to add more value for money. Bunch of three makes an ideal bouquet for anyone who really likes their garlic!
- slice green stems finely and mash into softened butter for a gentle garlic butter - ideal for barbecues, mushrooms, homemade garlic bread with Magico sourdough baguettes, etc
- infuse into oil or blitz into a pesto with organic sunflower seeds from the Refill Mill - similar to wild garlic
Store in the vegetable drawer in the fridge or a cool dark place to get the maximum shelf life.
Shelf Life: 3 Weeks
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic
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