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Malay Kitchen / Mother Sauce
Mother Sauce

Malay Kitchen - Mother Sauce

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1 x 300g €4.00
• Malay Kitchen Mother Sauce is a basic sauce that you can add several ingredients to make other sauces.

• A BASIC Asian pantry for stir fry dishes, noodles, fried rice, BBQ, marinade, dressings, drizzle on pasta, eggs or as dipping sauce, avocado on toast, scrambled eggs, sunny side-up eggs, and add the dollop of sambal.

• It can go on anything and everything you possibly can think! Dress up your ramen or any noodles soups or broth, dress up your favourite take-away, make-away meals, fake-out meals -fried rice, noodles, veggies, meats- with a little dollop.

• Effortlessly transforms any food into a flavour-packed experience. A spoonful goes a long way.

• To make Korean BBQ Sauce: mix MS with some garlic, ginger, sesame oil, sesame seeds, crushed chilli, miso, mirin
• To make salad Dressing: mix MS with some sesame oil and lemon juice
• To make spicy spring roll/dumpling dipping sauce: mix MS with sweet chilli sauce and Sambal
• This dark, rich with umami flavours are our special house blends of soy sauce, brown sugar and cornflour.

• Authentic Malaysian flavour from our artisanal kitchen.
• All natural, no MSG or preservatives.
• Handmade in small batches.
• Vegan Friendly
• Minimal Ingredients

(contains soy, gluten)

Once opened keep refrigerated and
use within 4 weeks

(P/S: this is the our restaurants' signature MOTHER sauce, and its our best kept secret ;)

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Shelf Life: 6 Months
Dairy Free Nut Free Vegetarian Vegan
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