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Hanna's Bees / Raw Irish Wildflower Honey
Raw Irish Wildflower Honey

Hanna's Bees - Raw Irish Wildflower Honey

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Hanna’s Bees Wildflower Honey
Weight 340g

Our wildflower honey is made by Native Irish honeybees from nectar from spring and summer flowering trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. It is our most popular honey and at its best when eaten with porridge or yoghurt for a healthy breakfast, in tea or coffee or drizzled over pancakes or fresh fruit.

This wildflower honey is pure raw Irish honey from our own honeybees. We produce small batches of exquisite honey. Each batch tastes slightly different depending on what blossoms the bees have collected nectar from. Our honey is made up mostly of honey from blackberry blossom, dandelion, white clover, linden blossom, thistle, and horse chestnut. Some years sycamore and hawthorn will yield a good crop and add depth and flavour to the blend.

Pure raw honey will crystallise naturally. The speed at which crystallisation occurs depends on which flowers the honey originated from as well as how it is stored. Crystallised honey does not need to be made liquid to consume. However, if you prefer clear honey, stand the jar of cloudy or crystallised honey in a bowl of hot water and stir until clear. Make sure not to overheat the honey, as it will destroy some of the enzymes that are so beneficial in raw honey.

Store at room temperature

Raw honey can be frozen to delay crystallisation and defrosted when needed.

Honey should not be given to infants under 12 months.

Guaranteed pure Irish honey
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian
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