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Hanna's Bees

Hanna's Bees

Clash Cottage, Clash Road, Little Island, co Cork, T45 YX68

Hanna’s Bees is a hive-to-home business with several apiaries in East and South Cork with about 50 honeybee colonies producing honey, beeswax and propolis for our unique range of products.

Our range of products includes increasingly popular reusable beeswax wraps, beautiful honey-scented beeswax candles, propolis tinctures and an assortment of delectable small-batch honeys, all mouth-wateringly sweet and guaranteed Irish. Hanna’s Bees also cater for vegan customers, with a reusable vegan wrap made with plant waxes. All our products are handmade in Cork, Ireland.

At Hanna’s Bees, we are passionate about our honeybees. We believe their welfare is paramount to the success of our business and each year, countless hours are devoted to ensuring their health and wellbeing. Our bees visit a wide array of blossoms, which is greatly beneficial for their health. From this multitude of flowers, the bees make the most exquisite honey.


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