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Maperath Farm

Maperath Farm

Maperath Farm, Maperath, Kells, Co Meath, A82 PY2T

Maperath Farm, brought to you by Eoin and Olivia Sharkey is a small, free range and sustainable poultry farm just outside Kells, Co.Meath. We are committed to rearing beautiful bronze free range turkeys and geese for the perfect Christmas dinner.
We work with nature rather than science in producing bronze turkeys from 10 - 24lbs and take orders within 2lbs of your preference as our birds are fully free range, slow reared and naturally fed . The same applies to our beautiful geese who are reared over 8 months of the year in pasture amongst a forage crop and offer a special treat for the festive period. Some traditionalists order a turkey for Christmas and a Goose for New Year. All birds are presented oven ready with giblets included.

For us, Maperath Farm is much more than a business – it is our entire way of life. This year more than ever, we are relying on our direct customers to enjoy our beautiful birds brought directly to you from our farm. We believe that when people understand where their food comes from and what is involved in raising and caring for animals in the free range tradition, then there is a greater appreciation of the food on their table. Maperath Farm is unique because it represents a true model of Sustainable Farming. We are all about high levels of animal welfare, natural feed products and low levels of intensity. We are the oldest only Certified Free Range Farm selling direct in Co. Meath.

We also operate a mobile farm that travels to schools around the country and teaches children all about animals and farming and making the vital connection between the two so that the next generation will appreciate what goes into making great food and the importance of making the right choices along the way.


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