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Lilly's Eco Clean Ltd

Lilly's Eco Clean Ltd

Unit 4, Rusheennamanagh, Carna, H91 E7YH

Hi we are a small enterprise called Lilly's Eco Clean, an Irish manufacturer of a range of natural household cleaning products benefitting our Health, Home and Planet.
We use plant and mineral based ingredients, essential oils and pack out products in 100% bottles with options for refilling them again. We have recently moved to the Connemara Gaeltacth and hope to learn more Irish here.

Our product selection includes 9 liquid products as follows:
Washing Up Liquid
All Purpose Spray with Eucalyptus - great for dusting and polishing around the house and bathroom
All Purpos Spray with Citrus - excellent kitchen cleaning companion
Degreaser and Descaler - a non toxic alternative for oven cleaning, microwave cleaning, hob cleaning and descaling where needed.
Toilet Cleaner - effective non toxic toilet cleaner that is suitable for septic tanks
Floor Cleaner - concentrated to be diluted for cleaning all hard floor types with Orange Oil
Non Bio Laundry Orange Blossom and Chamomile - the daily use laundry liquid for all laundry needs
Non Bio Laudnry Liquid Unscented - fragrance free version, leaves all laundry fresh and clean without added fragrance
Natural Fabric Conditioner - Orange blossom and Chamomile scented plant based (rapeseed oil) fabric conditioner

We also offer 5l versions of all products for home refilling.

Since 2003 we have been working on bringing better, milder yet effective products to the market. We believe in a greener future and are not willing to give up in doing our share to make it happen. J


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