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Hungry Crow

Hungry Crow

15 Beechwood, Shannonvale, Clonakilty, West Cork, P85Y961

Hungry Crow is a chocolate artist/witch/genius/magician - take your pick. Either way, Hungry Crow aka Niamh O'Reilly has bewitched West Cork since 2015 with her healthy chocolate creations, all made using an 85% cacao couverture chocolate.

Hungry Crow's promise is of a healthy option treat that tastes fantastic

Hungry Crow healthy treats include Bonkers Bars (think Bounty meets Snickers), Nut Truffles, Caramels and chocolate enrobed (Fair Trade) Medjoul dates stuffed with orgasmic deliciousness.

Hungry Crow never uses any dairy, grains or refined sugars. Mostly vegan (she occasionally uses honey), all Hungry Crow creations are entirely gluten-free.


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