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Hungry Crow / Date 6 Pack
Date 6 Pack

Hungry Crow - Date 6 Pack

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The complete range of our 6 x Fair Trade Palestinian Medjool Dates enrobed in 85% cacao couverture chocolate and stuffed with:

1. Almond Salty - Chopped Almonds/sea salt

2. Almond Vanilla - Home made almond butter w/ a splash of vanilla

3. Cashew Rose - Home made cashew nut butter with a drop of Rosewater (Like Turkish Delight)

4. Halva-ish - A home made tahini/honey caramel

5. Hazel Delight - Home made hazelnut butter w/hazelnut bits, chocolate & vanilla

6. Brazil Boost - A whole Brazil nut & cacao nibs
Allergens: Nuts (in all); Sesame/Honey (in Halva-ish)
Shelf Life: 2 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Wheat Free Vegetarian
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