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FanPastic! Traditional Hand-Made Pasta

FanPastic! Traditional Hand-Made Pasta

Lackagh, Monasterevin, CO.Kildare, W34AE68

My name is Ambra, I'm Italian and I've been making fresh hand-made pasta for 15 years.
I provide gourmet Pasta take-away dinners entirely hand-made. I use my own eggs (we have 6 hens and 2 ducks) and organic spelt or wheat flour. I grow herbs and vegs (seasonally) and even if we are not certified, we grow organically.

I like to call myself a "food artisan" as I don't use any machine to make my pasta but so I roll, fold, cut etc by hand.
I'm also a "plastic free" business as I only use compostable packaging, paper, glass,etc.
My dinners are vegetarian or vegan.


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