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Doon Social Farm

Doon Social Farm

Doon Social Farm, Doon, Co. Limerick, V9412T0

Our Farm Shop sells a range of organic locally produced eggs, salads, vegetables and fruits.

Ballyhoura Rural Services (BRS)- Doon Social Farm - is a 33 acre organic farm aimed at people in society who are experiencing social isolation, particularly young people. The farm was inspired by the success of Social Farms in Holland and the United Kingdom which have proven successful in addressing the causes of isolation/exclusion along with offering choice and removing barriers to education for young people in the area.

Social Farming, (Also known as Care/Green Farming) is an emerging form of social enterprise that uses a farm environment to deliver health and education benefits to participants. It is defined in Di Iacocca & O Connor (2009) as: “..Farming practices aimed at promoting disadvantaged people’s rehabilitation, education and care”
This farms offers horticulture education through a Local Training Initiative and short day and evening courses delivered through Community Education. Traditional Social Farming is also offered to promote social care; rehabilitation; and a range of health and well- being outcomes. This farm environment also offers a very diverse range of activities and opportunities to schools and groups and develop innovative activity-based programs for participants.

Social Farm Participants include early school leavers, people who are not employed or in education, people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse, young offenders, people with various disabilities, people with mental health issues, marginalised youths and young people who may have an interest in gaining knowledge about farming.


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