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VARDEBI / Rosehip Wine Dry 13% Alc.
Rosehip Wine Dry 13% Alc.

VARDEBI - Rosehip Wine Dry 13% Alc.

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1 x 750ml €14.95
White dry Rose-hip wine made with naturally grown rose-hips from Banogue, Co. Limerick, using a unique ancient recipe.
Certified by a lab in Belgium. Our Rosehip Wine is beautiful crisp and light with a hint of fruit. It has a mild acidity and 336 calories per 100ml, 13% Alcohol by volume.

Unique flavors combine for a slight tartness and distinct rose association. Rosehips are noted for their high vitamin content, flavonoids and tannins to nourish your immune system and color your world deep orange-red. Reminiscent of a brandy or port in color and flavour. 0.1% Residual sugar.
Best served chilled at 6-8 degrees Celsius.
Contain sulphites.
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan
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