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The Parting Glass / Colombette Rose
Colombette Rose

The Parting Glass - Colombette Rose

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The Domaine de la Colombette stretches over 72 hectares just outside Béziers, owned by François and Vincent Pugibet, the family connection with winemaking began in 1890. Francois’ grandfather Louis Pugibet, a blacksmith, fell in love with a winemaker and she gave him his first hectare as a gift for their marriage, and he soon bought the surrounding land to develop the estate. They produce a wide range of wines and a good few of their wines are now certified organic. Made from Grenache, with tiny amounts of Cinsault and Cabernet for added complexity, this wine shows delicate red berry fruit flavours on the nose, that follow through with ripe fruit flavours especially strawberries on the palate that leads to a dry and fresh finish.
Shelf Life: 12 Months

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