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Sonas Aromas / Vanilla Wax Melts
Vanilla Wax Melts

Sonas Aromas - Vanilla Wax Melts

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1 x 0g €8.50
Our wax melts consist of 6 heart shaped wax melts in a container.
Simply pop the melt out of the pack into an oil burner, add a tea light, your room will soon be filled with a beautiful fragrance. When not in use you can leave it to go cold in the burner and reuse as you please until there is no longer an aroma. Then discard the cold wax and use a fresh melt.
If you have a wax melt warmer there is the added safety of no flame.
Our wax melts are 100% natural soy wax and are a different alternative to candles, they have the added safety of no flames. They are another way of enjoying our healthy aromas, instead of using cheaper mass-produced paraffin wax melts.
Our packaging is bio degradable and can be recycled.
Shelf Life: 1 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic
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