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skellys / Aiteal Distilled Irish Gin
Aiteal Distilled Irish Gin

skellys - Aiteal Distilled Irish Gin

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1 x 700ml €38.00
Aiteal is distilled using only Irish Juniper and Irish Whey Spirit, making it the only 100% Irish Gin. The word Aiteal is the Irish for Juniper and Aiteal is the most Irish of Gins. Irish juniper is very rare but we get this foraged sustainably for us at a secret location.

One of the few Juniper-only Gins produced worldwide, as might be expected it’s juniper forward, but also has interesting green herbal notes, making it a great Gin for cocktails.

Serve in a G&T with Classic, Mediterranean or Elderflower Tonic and a Wedge of Lime; or use in Classic Gin Cocktails such as The Martini and Negroni.

Awarded a Gold Medal out of 219 entries to the World Gin Masters 2020.

40% ABV , 700ml.

Please Consume Responsibly.
Shelf Life: 5 Years
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