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Niks Organic Pantry / Organic Popcorn Grain
Organic Popcorn Grain

Niks Organic Pantry - Organic Popcorn Grain

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1 x 400g €2.60
Your Organic Nature popcorn is very useful for preparing fresh popcorn yourself. Not just any corn kernels are suitable for popcorn, these kernels (suitable for popping) contain moisture on the inside. This creates steam in the grain during heating, causing the grain to pop open and turn inside out. How to prepare? Pour some oil into a (preferably old) pan with a lid and heat the oil. Shake the popcorn in the pan, but don't stack the grains! Only cover the bottom. The popcorn grows in volume, up to 8x more than the popcorn. Shake the pan to coat the corn with oil. Then put the lid on the pan and turn the heat to high. Make sure the oil is not smoking, shake the pan repeatedly when it starts popping. Is it almost not popping anymore? Then turn off the heat. Then add some salt and shake or empty the pan. Also tasty: add some icing sugar and water to the empty pan and let it caramelize. When you then briefly add the popcorn and shake it well, a deliciously sweet layer is created.
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Vegetarian Vegan Organic

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