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Niks Organic Pantry / Organic Onions 1Kg
Organic  Onions 1Kg

Niks Organic Pantry - Organic Onions 1Kg

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1 x 1kg €2.50
These yellow onions come from Piet van Andel and Sjaak Twisk from Zeewolde. Chemicals and fertilizers were never used on the clay soil of the former Zuiderzee. It is full of minerals that give the soil its natural fertility. An ideal basis for the cultivation of beautiful, tasty onions! Puur NL is looking for farmers, growers and producers from the Netherlands who believe in quality, originality and authenticity. Not only do they conform to biological principles, but they have more to offer. They deliver products with a story. Puur NL brings these products together.
Shelf Life: 1 Weeks
Vegetarian Vegan Organic

NOTE: This product is an accepted import.

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