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Cook & Cleaver / Lasagne 400G - Frozen
Lasagne 400G - Frozen

Cook & Cleaver - Lasagne 400G - Frozen

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1 x 400g €10.95
Introducing Cook and Cleaver: Where Quality Meets Convenience

In a small town in West Limerick, Ireland, two childhood friends embarked on a journey that would forever change the way busy households approached mealtime. Garrett and Tom, classmates since their early school days, had always shared a deep appreciation for exquisite flavours and exceptional ingredients.

Their paths took them to the finest food establishments across the globe, honing their skills and expanding their culinary horizons. Garrett's Quality Butchers became synonymous with top-notch meats, while Tom Flavin's mastery as an award-winning chef garnered international acclaim.

In 2023, their shared vision materialised into Cook and Cleaver, a culinary haven for those seeking healthy home-cooked meals without sacrificing quality or precious time. With a firm commitment to sourcing locally, every ingredient at Cook and Cleaver bears the mark of excellence.

Picture succulent meats procured exclusively from Garrett's, where passion and expertise intertwine to deliver the pinnacle of taste. Meanwhile, Tom Flavin's artistic flair brings forth a symphony of flavours, as he expertly crafts each recipe, ensuring a mouth-watering experience with every bite.

At Cook and Cleaver, we believe that busy households deserve the very best. That's why our ready meals are meticulously crafted, utilizing the finest ingredients sourced from our community. We take pride in bringing restaurant-quality dishes straight to your table, effortlessly transforming any mealtime into an extraordinary culinary affair.

Join us on this gastronomic journey, where quality meets convenience. Experience the flavours that have captivated palates around the world, carefully prepared and thoughtfully packaged, to bring joy and satisfaction to your busy life. Cook and Cleaver: Elevate your meals, embrace simplicity, and savour the taste of excellence.
Shelf Life: 10 Days
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