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The Lighthouse Micro Bakery

The Lighthouse Micro Bakery

Sunnycliffe, Graball Bay, Crosshaven, Co. Cork, P43 HX72

My name is Tom Walsh and I'm passionate about good quality sourdough bread. That's why I set up the Lighthouse Micro Bakery in my home in Crosshaven.
Good quality bread does not require improvers, additives, raising agents, preservatives, commercial yeast, etc. etc. the list is endless.
Good quality sourdough bread requires THREE Ingredients. Flour, Water and salt.
There is one other secret ingredient which sets sourdough bread apart from other breads. That ingredient is TIME. My usual sourdough process takes on average 30hrs however its not unusual to extend this to 48hrs depending on the fermentation and baking process. This time allows the natural sourdough process to make the bread delicious and digestible
I use a variety of flours in my bread which are either organic or are of a high standard with no additives, preservatives or chemical agents.
Currently I'm using flour from Forichers Mill, Doves Farm, Marraiges Mills and Dunany Flours.
I use filtered water in all my baking and I use "Sel Marin" unrefined, untreated and additive free atlantic sea salt.
I know from baking sourdough bread that when good ingredients are brought together with understanding, skill, love and time the result is a bread that I am proud to offer for sale in my local community.
If you have any questions, would like more information or if you would just like to talk sourdough feel free to text or call me on 0871347442.
Thank you. Tom Walsh.


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