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riceflour Gluten Free Bakery

riceflour Gluten Free Bakery

Centre Park Road, Cork, Q2 U5-6, Cork, T12 VW53

Hello! We are going to be have a little break.
We will be out off the kitchen from 20th July to 6th August.
We can only say thank you soooo much for all your support during these past months!!! It has been incredible. Deeply grateful and looking forward to bake back for you on our return!!


Riceflour is a new small business..., although the idea started a long time ago. 

My name is Silvia, with my sister Olga, we specialised in bringing the real taste of Spanish cuisine to Ireland through farmers markets and numerous events a few years ago. It was there that we became aware that more and more children and adults are being diagnosed with food allergies or being advised to avoid gluten as a way of improving their diet and lifestyle. But the options available are very limited, mostly being industrial and highly-processed where most of the time; taste, texture and flavour, do not meet the consumer's needs. 

Riceflour was born to fill the gap of artisan, fresh, daily baked products that are a revolutionary standard and can be enjoyed by all. This is why our products are hand made in small batches in our dedicated gluten-free kitchen. 
After lots and lots of hours experimenting with many many failures (anyone that has tried to bake without gluten knows what a challenging mission this is...), we can say we are delighted with the variety of fresh bread, pastries, cakes, doughnuts, pizzas that have come together. 

All gluten-free with lactose/nut/sugar/soy free and vegan options available, where artisan processes have merged with new use of naturally gluten-free ingredients. While enriching the health and nutritious value, and most importantly, keeping the same taste, texture and structure while being gluten-free.

Maybe we are crazy trying to start a new business in such challenging times for everyone, but we feel like life keeps going and now that we are all more aware of the importance of a healthy and correct diet, now it's time to start.

We are putting all our effort and years of expertise to provide the best gluten free products you can find and all your support is deeply appreciated! 

We can't wait for you to try them and hear your comments! Thank you for all your support!


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