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Rathgarogue Organic Farm

Rathgarogue Organic Farm

Rathgarogue, New Ross, Co. Wexford, Y34 XN20

Rathgarogue Organic Farm is a small, family run organic farm certified by the Organic Trust. We have been breeding and rearing organic pigs for 10 years.
We keep a small flock of organic hens, who live a contented life, out in their field all day, every day.
Our pigs are hardy, robust breeds that thrive in free-range, organic conditions. They live outside in all weathers, enjoying rooting, foraging, grazing and wallowing! They are fed only organic GM-free feed, with plenty of additional organic vegetables and silage, to keep it interesting. We sow turnips, corn and a meadow mixture in each field for each group of new pigs. No castrations, tail-docking, teeth-clipping or routine medication are used on the animals.
Rathgarogue Organic Farm Pork and Bacon is prepared by a local certified organic butcher and is vacuum-packed. The Dry-Cure Bacon is cured with a special cure which has no phosphates or nitrates, is low in salt and is low in sodium nitrite.
Rathgarogue Farm Organic Sausages are 85% organic pork and are made using certified organic ingredients.


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