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Mic's Chilli

Mic's Chilli

Unit 2, Block J, Kilcoole Industrial Estate, Kilcoole, Ireland, Republic of, A63 HP46

I was 16 when I first discovered hot sauce.

As an Irish lad growing up in the 1980s and 90s, the closest I’d come to heat had been the spice burger that would regularly feature in Friday-night runs to the chipper.

All that changed in 1994 on a family trip to Belize, where I fell in love… with chillies. Every table I sat at had a bottle of sauce on it, which, of course, I took as a personal challenge to try every single one!

My return home came at a cost to my taste buds, though, as everything now seemed so bland and boring. So, I headed to the kitchen and spent hours, days, weeks, and years perfecting my own sauces to satisfy my hunger for the stuff.

And so Mic’s Chilli was born in 2010, when my first sauce, Inferno Original, made it onto Irish dinner tables, finally offering heat-hungry tongues something to talk about. And (gratefully) they did…

Year on year, it became increasingly obvious that I wasn’t alone in my search for spice, and more than a decade later, we now have 12 sauces that range from mild-hit-of-heat to blow-your-socks-off-burn, which are available across the globe.

Our sauces are lovingly handmade in Wicklow, Ireland from the finest chillies the world has to offer, and contain no artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives, or other nasties. Our sauces are wholesome and delicious, and your granny would approve – cause she’s got a bottle herself!

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