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Featherfield Farm

Featherfield Farm

Lullymore West, Rathangan, R51 Y188

Featherfield Farm is a fully certified, mixed organic farm based in Co. Kildare. We produce the highest quality organic meat in an extremely sustainable way. Our products include organic beef, lamb, chicken and eggs. All of our animals are born and raised on the farm in small quantity's to ensure a high quality of life for the animals. Our animals are predominantly grass fed and are outside all year round. We are certified with the Organic Trust and strive to meet the organic standards with ease. At Featherfield farm we supply the customer directly from the farm, and now Neighbourfood, to ensure traceability and the opportunity for our customer to give direct feedback. Our cattle are a native Irish breed and are the best suited breed to Irish conditions. The Dexter originated in Kerry and is renowned for the unique marbling of its meat. The meat we will provide on Neighbourfood will be delivered frozen and packaged appropriately to make sure it stays frozen until the customer can get it to their freezer.


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