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Clonarn Clover Limited

Clonarn Clover Limited

Mullagh, County Cavan, A82 KC42

At Margaret’s, we know it takes more than land and hens to make great eggs. It takes good people; dedicated people who hold themselves to a higher bar. People who care about producing eggs and innovating new ways to enjoy them, the right way –right for the hens, right for the land, right for the farming community, and right for you.

Delivering an innovative range of free-range offerings from healthy, happy hens is more than a business –it’s our passion. Our girls are simply part of our family, so we use time-tested, traditional humane farming methods. Giving them the freedom to forage expansive pastures of lush green grass, nourishing them with healthy, natural feed and providing a continuous supply of fresh clean water, allows us to give them a happy life.

Keeping happy hens is what we love and, in turn, it allows us to give something extraordinary back to our community –the very best tasting egg there is. For more than 30 years Margaret Farrelly and her family have been 100% dedicated free-range, and always will be, so that you can feel 100% good about the eggs you eat.


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