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Burren Free Range Pork

Burren Free Range Pork

CAHERMINANE, Kilfenora, Co Clare, V95P21D

Eva and Stephen Hegarty run an award winning eco-farm in Kilfenora rearing free range rare breed Saddleback pigs, traditional cattle and laying hens. They keep everything as natural as possible without use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Animal welfare and husbandry is of the highest standard and stock is kept at a minimum for environmental and quality reasons.

"Pigs love grass and they spend time eating loads of it – they get most of the minerals and nutrients from the rich Burren soil, the herbs and the grasses. So in essence: what’s good for the animals and the land will naturally be good for us."
The farm was the recipient Campbell's Natural Food Award in 2017.


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