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Bosco's Garden

Bosco's Garden

Sunnyhill, Goslingstown, Kilkenny, R95 R8Y7

Bosco's Garden is a Kilkenny based project promoting sustainable food production using the ethics of permaculture, natural farming and closed loop systems.

It is our aim to produce food products including salad greens, vegetables, fruits, sauces and jams for market and local restaurants while also creating informative videos of the processes on our farms aswell as other similar projects which we find inspiring and relative to our values. This form of cross-promotion will be beneficial to our brand as well as the permaculture movement in Ireland as a whole.

It is our vision that in time we may cater for B&B guests, WOOFers, internships and permaculture related courses on our farm sites as well as creating small eco festivals, pop-up shops and events that are in theme with the project. We plan to help with the reforestation and naturalisation of Irish landscapes while also being a key contributer to online learning about natural farming and permaculture in the Irish climate.


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