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Winelab Ltd / 2018 Scala Ciro Rosso (Organic Red Wine)
2018 Scala Ciro Rosso (Organic Red Wine)

Winelab Ltd - 2018 Scala Ciro Rosso (Organic Red Wine)

Title Price
1 x 750ml €18.50
Ciro - Calabria - Italy

100% organic Gaglioppo

Alc. 13% by vol.

Grape growers since the 17th century, the Scala family formed their Azienda Agricola in 1949 to produce and sell Cirò wines. Their 18 hectares of vineyards are located in sight of the sea, and they grow Greco, Nerello, Magliocco and the region’s star, Gaglioppo. From the 2016 vintage all wines are certified organic, but they have practiced low intervention and vinification methods for years. Scala wines are always bright, characterful and engaging.

This is a fantastic display of rustic Calabrian charm. A wine with a sense of place, with spciness, crunchy red fruits, Italian herbs, a perfect underscoring of tannin and a lovely fresh acidity.
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic

NOTE: This product is an accepted import.

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