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Wild Atlantic Apiary / Glandore Raw Honey
Glandore Raw Honey

Wild Atlantic Apiary - Glandore Raw Honey

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The Wild Atlantic Apiary, based in Glandore, produces honey by the Native Irish dark bees from nectar foraged from flowers growing in the meadows, hedgerows and woodlands. Honey is gathered between Rosscarbery. Leap and Glandore. In the spring, the bees in Glandore gather from the dandelions, chestnut trees, the catkins from the Alder and many more, which helps to build their strength and numbers for the summer flow. In summer, they gather nectar from the blackberries, fuschia and any garden flowers. The Wild Atlantic Apiary only produces raw honey, which is unfiltered and unpasteurised and so, maintains its nourishment which the bees eat themselves. Unfiltered honey maintains the natural pollen grains from the local flowers. Unpasteurised honey means the natural enzymes in honey will not be destroyed however, it will crystallize in time at low temperatures.
As it is unfiltered you may find very fine particles of white wax cappings on top. These float to the surface over time. This is the same wax you would have which covers honey in cut comb.
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Organic
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