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Vera Foods / Piggy Butter- Sobrasada
Piggy Butter- Sobrasada

Vera Foods - Piggy Butter- Sobrasada

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1 x 290g €6.00
Spread me on toast! Cover me in cheese!

This lesser known delicacy is the Mallorcan answer to nduja. Lovers of this chorizo pate spread it on Spanish flatbreads & pop into stews or to meatballs for extra oomph.

Gluten & lactose free

Net weight: 250g

Refrigerate. Consume within 25 days of opening

Ingredients: Bacon antioxidants E320 & E321, pork, paprika, salt, dextrose, sugar, stabiliser E451, spices, spice extract, antioxidant E301, preservative 252, natural food colouring - paprika extract

Shelf Life: 3 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Wheat Free

NOTE: This product is an accepted import.

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