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Unbound / Durrow Mills Organic 100% Sprouted Rye Flour
Durrow Mills Organic 100% Sprouted Rye Flour

Unbound - Durrow Mills Organic 100% Sprouted Rye Flour

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1 x 800g €7.99
Delighted to have this product on board A powerhouse of antioxidants, minerals, fibre and protein – there’s not much you (or your tummy) can’t love about a good rye flour. So we went ahead and made it even better for you by sprouting it and ensuring it’s 100% certified organic. Use just as you would normal rye flour in your sourdough starter, bread, brownies and cookies. We are here to help you push back against processed, quick foods with our traditional, simple and nutrition dense sprouted flours. So say adios to gluten heavy baking, and welcome the new kid on the block that will kick your sourdough starter, baking & cooking up a whole lot of notches. It was a feeling of sluggishness with a side of stomach upset that led Durrow Mills founder, Lisa Larkin, down the path of finding an alternative for her and her family to the processed foods that fill our supermarket shelves. The sprouting process goes way back to traditional methods of germinating the grain before milling. This means, we allow the grain to sprout and transition into a nutrition-packed plant state that’s much easier on your digestion than plain ol’ regular flour. Our process brings it back to its simplest form of just four steps – water, germinate, gently dry and stone mill.
Shelf Life: 1 Years
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