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The Parting Glass / Penamonte Verdejo
Penamonte Verdejo

The Parting Glass - Penamonte Verdejo

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Toro is a relatively small classified area in the North Western part of Castilla y Leon, it sits near the Duero River but is to the west of the Ribera del Duero region. Wine was first produced in the region that is now known as Toro over two millennia ago; although the Denominación de Origen of Toro was only created in 1987. Verdejo has grown in Spain for the best part of nine centuries but was mainly used to produce sherry like wines until the 1970’s. At this time the winemakers took to harvesting the grapes at night, the resulting cooler temperatures reduces the oxidisation the grapes undergo before fermentation and gives much fresher livelier fruit flavours. The fruit for Penamonte is harvested from vines that are up to 45 years old which give lowers yields, they are also planted with less density than modern vines resulting in more concentration of flavour as less fruit is produced. Full of tropical fruit flavours, with passion fruit and pineapple really jumping out of the glass. Clean and crisp, the taste buds will definitely crave more!
Shelf Life: 12 Months

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