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The Parting Glass / Les Peties Jamelles Rose
Les Peties Jamelles Rose

The Parting Glass - Les Peties Jamelles Rose

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Coming from Les Jamelles the entry level label “Les Petites Jamelles” have quality pedigree. The wine is produced from 100% grenache grapes from 15-25 years old vines growing on fields in Aude and Pyrenees Orientale respectively in the Languedoc Roussillon region. Made using the saignée method, and has comes from the French for bloodletting! Essentially the juice "bleeds" from the grapes into the tub at a natural pressure under the grapes' own weight. So the Grenache grapes crush under their own weight and there is a short interaction between juice and grape skins as they burst, hence the light salmon almost orange colour. In some wineries the red grapes used in Saignee roses are then used further as they are pressed to extract the juice as normal. Saignee roses tend to be soft, fruity and aromatic, and this is no exception. The nose is full of delicate red berry and strawberry fruit flavours on the nose that leads to an easy-drinking, very rounded style on the palate, with peach and redcurrant combining with strawberries for a dry and fresh finish.
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