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The Parting Glass / Haut Poitou Sauvignon Blanc
Haut Poitou Sauvignon Blanc

The Parting Glass - Haut Poitou Sauvignon Blanc

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1 x 0g €15.99
Think Sancerre but without the price tag! Well ok, the area of Haut Poitou is actually outside the Loire Valley proper, lying just north of Poitiers; but my French & Geography aren't great so we'll pretend it is the Loire as that's far easier than the actual VDQS appellation it actually falls into! The wines from Haut Poitou are very similar to easy drinking Sancerre or the classic wines of Touraine, but due to the lack of Loire address are much cheaper. Whilst this is more of a classic French Sauvignon than an intense New World style, that doesn't mean it isn't bursting with freshness. Incredibly expressive gooseberry flavours roll around the glass and palate and a great zingy finish means the tastebuds are definitely left wanting more! Great with seafood of almost any description but superb with fresh prawn. To emphasise the classic seafood match this was the house wine at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant. Simplest described as a VERY easy drinking wine, perhaps too easy!
Shelf Life: 12 Months

NOTE: This product is an accepted import.

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