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The Parting Glass / Guiberte Sancerre
Guiberte Sancerre

The Parting Glass - Guiberte Sancerre

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The classic Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, Sancerre is a name synonymous with crisp and herbaceous Sauvignon, and David Sautereau makes wines that are worthy of the name. Sancerre produces some of the best Sauvignon in Frnace not just the Loire Valley, and before the advent of New Zealand and Marlborough in particular, Sancerre was considered to produce the best Sauvignon. Much of this is still true, especially if you prefer a more subtle style than the Kiwi's can produce. Sancerre is on an outcrop of chalk that starts at the White Cliffs of Dover, tunnels underneath Chablis in the North of Burgundy and then breaks West. This is what gives Loire Sauvignon and Sancerre in particular their wonderful flinty tones. A wine with a nose full of fresh white fruit and green pepper, that follows through on the palate with more zesty subtle fruit and wonderful crisp acidity.
Shelf Life: 12 Months

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