Taste With Gusto / Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero”
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero”

Taste With Gusto - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero”

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1 x 5l €75.00
If you love the delicious flavour of quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then you're just going to LOVE this Organic Il Vero; with its distinctive green-golden colour and delicious aroma it is sure to give a strong Italian twist to even the simplest of dishes. It holds a pulp-like consistency with a fruity-floral flavour and slightly peppery aftertaste. This taste to the palate is a sign of the high quality of this delectable organic extra virgin olive oil.

This delicious organic cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created from the finest antioxidant - rich organic Coratina olives which makes it a super overall health tonic.

How to use:
Perfect for salads, on bruschetta or crostini; as a health tonic and infused with all your favorite Italian recipes.

Organic Coratina olives
Shelf Life: 1 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic

NOTE: This product is an accepted import.

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