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Sonas Aromas / Lavender Car Diffuser
Lavender Car Diffuser

Sonas Aromas - Lavender Car Diffuser

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1 x 0g €8.50
Our lavender car diffuser is made by mixing pure lavender essential oil with a base. The fragrance is dispersed via evaporation of essential oils into the car. Remove the plug from the neck of the bottle, secure the lid and tilt the bottle so the cork is saturated to give a strong-smelling car aroma. Make sure to keep the car diffuser upright as spillages may damage some surfaces due to the volatility of essential oils. We use Augeo diffuser base which is non-toxic, low in carbon footprint and low in odour, giving it a superior performance.
Shelf Life: 2 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic
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Version: #20221019.1737#
Environment: ProductionIE
Process Id: 6008