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Soma Coffee Company / Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scales
Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scales

Soma Coffee Company - Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scales

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1 x 0g €80.00
One of the most important factors in brewing great-tasting coffee is having the ability to measure your variables. Variables such as time and weight can have a huge impact on your final cup, and a coffee scale is a perfect way to manage these variables. Perhaps more importantly, measuring your variables means you know what works and are able to repeat it, or you know what doesn't work and you are able to tweak it to be better.

The Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale not only offers all the functionality you need, but it also does this in a gorgeous, minimalist, matte black design (Timemore really has the design aspect of their products down to a tee). Timemore also ensured they ticked all the boxes by making the Black Mirror Scale scratch-resistant, rechargeable, and waterproof.

To guarantee the perfect cup of coffee a digital scale is a must! Get yours today, lock in your brew ratios, and hit them every time with the Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale.

- Sleek, minimalist design
- Rechargeable via USB-C cable (included)
- Waterproof
- Accurate to within 0.1 of a gram
- Backlit LED hidden display
- Min Weight 0.5G Max Weight 2KG
- Scratch Resistant
Shelf Life: 0 Days
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