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Soma Coffee Company / Kalita Wave 185 Glass Pour Over Coffee Dripper
Kalita Wave 185 Glass Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Soma Coffee Company - Kalita Wave 185 Glass Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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For many years, Hario has been leading the charge when it comes to Pour over coffee and the third wave coffee movement - at least this is the case in the western world. Many companies have tried to dethrone the V60 and level the playing field, but none have been successful. That is until Kalita came along and started making waves (pun intended). Kalita is a family-run, Japanese business that has actually been in the coffee industry since the 1950s, but it wasn't until the Kalita wave began competing in (and winning)coffee brewing competitions around the world that we really saw its popularity soar!

Although it might seem like all drip coffee brewers are the same, a few small changes in the design can make drastic differences to the resulting brew. One of these changes is the filter. One of the biggest challenges with pour-over coffee is thermal stability. The mass of the dripper draws so much heat out of your brew, drastically impacting your brew temperature and extraction. To address this, Kalita developed the wave filter, a corrugated paper filter that minimizes contact with the brewer and ensures that you maintain higher temperatures and better extractions during your brew.

Kalita also introduced the world to flat bottomed brewers. Contrary to the popular conical brewers that allow water to flow freely through the dripper, a flat bottomed brewer such as the Kalita controls the flow of your brew, slowing it down and effectively reducing channelling. The flat bottom brewer also allows the coffee grounds to settle in a flat bed, promoting a more even extraction. Ultimately, the flat bottom can help you extract your coffee better, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee.

When it comes to extraction, the Kalita Wave really does deliver some of the best results. If you're interested in manual brewing or pour-over coffee and want a brewer that will easily deliver the best results, then the Kalita Wave is the brewer for you.

Note: This is the 185 version - perfect for brewing 200-600ml of coffee. The Kalita Wave coffee dripper does not include filters - if you are looking for filters you can get them here.

- Flat bottom allows for an even bed of coffee and better extraction
- Small holes at the bottom facilitate a slower flow rate that effectively works to mitigate channelling
- Corrugated Wave filters keep the brew from making contact with the brewer resulting in better heat retention
- Sits comfortably on most cups, mugs, milk frothing pitchers or servers
- Easy to clean
Shelf Life: 0 Days
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